Shannon Chandley speaking to a woman and man in a factory


Get to Know Shannon Chandley’s Priorities

Shannon Chandley standing in front of a pond.

Water Quality

Senator Chandley has successfully fought to protect your water and ensure it is clean and safe to drink.

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Shannon Chandley speaking to older man and woman

Tolls & Transportation

Merrimack should not shoulder the bulk of the financial burden of the Everett tolls.

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Senator Chandley speaking with a woman holding a toddler

Affordable Health Care

New Hampshire families deserve access to quality, affordable health care.

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Shannon Chandley speaking to two young men while all are wearing masks


Senator Chandley is working to ensure that federal COVID-19 recovery funds are distributed fairly and rapidly with a focus on reopening New Hampshire’s economy while safeguarding public health.

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Shannon Chandley speaking and laughing with two women


Affordable, high quality education must be available to Granite Staters, including community colleges, career and technical training.

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House with Shannon Chandley for State Senate sign

Property Tax Relief

Shannon Chandley worked to earmark more than $175 million in the FY20/FY21 state budget to ease property taxes.

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Group of teenagers with Shannon Chandley signs

Social Justice

All Granite Staters deserve to live without fear of prejudice, bias, intolerance, and hate.

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Senator Chandley talking with smiling man and woman at factory

Family-Friendly Economy

New Hampshire needs to invest in job training, prioritize crucial infrastructure investments, and promote policies that retain and attract young families.

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Shannon Chandley speaking with older man and having him sign a document

Voting Rights

Senator Chandley supported the SMART-Act to enable you to register to vote through the DMV, and continues to work to establish an independent, bipartisan commission to redraw New Hampshire’s legislative districts.

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Candidate waving to crowd during parade

Broadband Internet

Distance learning, working from home, and telemedicine all require comprehensive and dependable broadband internet infrastructure.

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