Letters of Support

Letter: Chandley: Working Hard for NH

To the editor,

As politically active newcomers to town four years ago, we felt Shannon was immediately responsive and approachable as a State Representative. As a resident of Amherst for over 20 years, Shannon truly cares about representing the best interests of our community and willingly invests the time and effort to do so effectively. 

Since being elected to the Senate, Shannon has worked across the aisle to get effective solutions passed. She delivered by helping to pass a budget prioritizing education funding and property tax relief, and in the time of COVID-19 was appointed to the Governor’s Economic Re-Opening Task Force. During this pandemic, leadership is more important than ever. We were grateful to see our Senator Shannon Chandley work throughout the pandemic with private and public sectors on the Task Force to re-open New Hampshire’s economy in a safe way. 

With the small remuneration NH representatives receive, Shannon’s dedication is truly admirable and appreciated. We won’t hesitate to vote for Senator Chandley as the best person to represent us in the NH Senate, especially during these difficult times.

Julie and Seth Smiley, Amherst

Letter: Re-Elect Chandley to State Senate

Published 9/12/20 in the Concord Monitor

Dear Editor,

I have known Shannon Chandley for many years. Our children grew up together in Amherst, and we would often see each other at soccer games, school events and sometimes catch up for a cup of tea! She is a friend and someone I can depend on at any time. When Shannon was elected as State Rep, I was so excited that Amherst would have a genuine, passionate representative in Concord. Then, when she was elected as State Senator, I was grateful that she could continue her work on a higher level, and so happy that we would have a senator who was accessible to everyone. 

The past 6 months have been challenging for all of us. One of my daughters has a chronic health condition, so I have been very invested in any legislation that impacts access to healthcare. In early March, I received a call from Shannon, just checking in and wondering how we were doing and how she could help. Due to COVID-19, my daughter’s in-person clinic visits had to be changed to online telehealth visits. This was a time of great change and many questions; it was so reassuring to know that Shannon was available to find answers when needed. Shannon supported the bill passed this session that ensured telemedicine coverage from insurance, and this was a huge relief to us. She also supported the bill for Paid Family Leave, which is a huge concern for so many families in these uncertain times.

Senator Shannon Chandley is running for re-election in District 11- representing Amherst, Merrimack, Milford and Wilton. I will be voting for her, and I hope you do as well so we can continue to have an accessible State Senator who will do everything in her power to work for us.

Paula Garvey, Amherst

Letter: Re-elect Shannon Chandley

Published 8/22/20 in the Nashua Telegraph.

To the Editor:

We have lived in Merrimack for over forty-five years and we have seen a number of state senators come and go. We had one who was kind to animals, another who seemed more preoccupied with the Senate Presidency, and yet another who had his eyes on the Governor’s chair.

None of them really represented us, until now. Two years ago Shannon Chandley became the State Senator from our district and now we indeed have representation. Senator Chandley is a supporter of public education, has fought voter suppression, and stands up for women’s reproductive rights. Until now, no State Senator in our district has been successful in removing the tolls from Exit 11 which have been an unfair burden on Merrimack residents. It was a bill which was sponsored by Shannon Chandley that was passed and now those tolls are history.

It is for the above reasons, and many more that we shall be voting to re-elect State Senator Shannon Chandley in November. She represents us!

John and Brenda Grady, Merrimack

LTE: Chandley is Your Voice

Published 8/15/20 in the Nashua Telegraph

Dear Editor,

The people of Amherst, Merrimack, Milford and Wilton have an important choice to make this election season, and I believe it is Shannon Chandley for NH Senate, District 11. 

She has demonstrated time and again through her 3 terms in the NH House of Representatives, and this current term in the NH Senate, the importance of keeping her constituents at the forefront of her advocacy, and she continues to value the opinions of all residents of the district by staying involved at the local level and keeping a pulse on what matters to residents of the district.

Former Republican representatives, the Professional Fire Fighters of NH, and the NEA of NH all endorse her because they know she represents the values of her constituency and will bring greater balance to the NH Senate. While I cannot vote for her due to my town of residence, I urge those who can to choose Shannon – she’ll represent you well in Concord.

Shawn Bertrand, Mont Vernon 

Letter: Shannon Chandley Deserves Your Consideration

Published 8/5/20 in the Nashua Telegraph and 9/1/20 in the Amherst Citizen

To the editor:

Some time in late March or early April, my phone rang during the day while I was home poking at my computer keyboard trying to engage in meaningful teaching during the initial weeks of the pandemic shut down. In a fog of Google Classroom flubs and disappearing students, I was surprised to hear the calm, reassuring voice of my state senator on the line. Shannon Chandley called me “just to check in” during the crisis.

To be clear, I am not a big donor or a power player in New Hampshire politics. What I am is someone who works hard in the local community on behalf of others and is willing to share my struggles. As a teacher, I have a unique window on how situations play out in the arena of public education. Shannon recognized my position and was able to reach a key source in our community. Thankfully, I felt supported during this time from my employer, the Milford School District, but I was able to connect Shannon with other constituents who were not being as well served.

Shannon Chandley is the kind of representative who looks to serve, reaches out in times of need and works tirelessly to pass meaningful legislation that helps New Hampshire families. Senator Chandley successfully saw the removal of the Merrimack tolls, and has been working with other “water warriors” on a state senate committee to address PFAs chemical contamination of water in an omnibus bill. She works on small nuisances and thorny scientific and legal issues alike to make New Hampshire a better and more livable place for all. State Senator Shannon Chandley is running for re-election to continue representing District 11. She has my vote, and deserves your careful consideration.


Beth Haverkamp Powers, Amherst