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Shannon Chandley for New Hampshire State Senate

District 11
Amherst | Merrimack | Milford | Wilton

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“It is essential that we elect leaders who listen to their constituents and represent their shared interests and values. I promise to work with anyone interested in moving New Hampshire forward. I will champion efforts to achieve the best quality of life for New Hampshire families including creating a vibrant economy, protecting our public schools and maintaining public safety while ensuring that our hard earned tax dollars are spent wisely.”

Shannon Chandley

About Shannon Chandley

Shannon Chandley has lived in Amherst for nearly two decades with her husband of over 30 years, Tom Silvia. Shannon and Tom are the parents of four: James, Isaiah, Elizabeth and Eamon.

Elected to the New Hampshire State Senate in 2018, Shannon is now the Vice Chair on the Judiciary Committee, and also serves on the Executive Departments and Administration and the Health and Human Services Committee. Shannon also serves on the legislative commission established to study the impacts of PFAS.

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Water Quality

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Tolls & Transportation

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Affordable Health Care

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